Harry Potter may be one of the most fantastic universes ever written and brought to the big screen. Harry’s 7-book struggle with Voldemort was successfully transferred to the screens, at least in my opinion. Although most readers don’t like movies, it was remarkable to watch Harry Potter, one of the most essential parts of my childhood, on the big screen. It’s been 11 years since the last movie. Young people like me who grew up with Harry Potter became adults and were involved in life and its struggles. But I’m sure that no matter how big they are, Harry Potter will always be a character that they and I will never forget. And most of us, no matter how old we get, are not afraid to hide our love for the Harry Potter universe.

Harry Potter is over, but the universe continues with the spin-off series. The third movie in the Fantastic Beasts series was also released this year. But I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this shouldn’t have been the first spin-off about the universe. There should have been a spin-off series that would explain the universe better, include us in Harry’s universe, and consist of familiar characters or details we saw in the Harry Potter series. When we look at it, there are many spin-off stories that can be made at this stage. So let me tell you about some of them.

Hagrid’s Life

Every character in the Harry Potter universe is filled with question marks. Hagrid is one of them. The difference between Hagrid and the others is that he is quite an outcast within the universe. A series, or at least a movie, could be made about Hagrid, while there was a series on Fantastic Beasts. Hagrid’s departure from the giants, his youth, the problems he had at school, the story of being ostracized, and his unending love for creatures could be told a little by connecting it to Harry’s life. It could be a great story, especially when his ostracism was tied to the chamber of secrets. I think a delicious drama could have been made while he was in the tiny houses he filled with his giant body.

Quidditch World

One of the most essential elements of the Harry Potter world is Quidditch. Harry also has a considerable place in his life. Quidditch is also an important sport in the book because Harry participates in the Quidditch world cup in both the book and the movie. I don’t know if you’ve read it, but in addition to the Harry Potter books, various books have been written about the universe. One of these books is the history of Quidditch. It is a book that I think readers will like. A fun, sports-oriented movie with many fantastic moments could have been made on such an important sport. If the story of an important player or team from history was told, I think it would be a movie that everybody would want to watch.

Death Eaters and Voldemort

The Harry Potter universe has many monsters, fantasy events, and evil beings. One of these evil beings is Death Eaters, Voldemort’s loyal squires. Death Eaters caused serious problems in the wizarding world by causing many deaths during and before the Harry era. Making a movie about Death Eaters means making Voldemort, of course. I’m sure that if they make a movie or a TV series about Voldemort’s life, that is, Tom Riddle, and add Death Eaters to it, they will reach a serious audience. Nowadays, many TV series focus on the side characters of the classics. So why not a Voldemort spin-off while the series of villains have also increased?

Founding of Hogwarts

Although we heard the names of many schools in the world of Harry Potter, we only had the chance to see the corridors of Hogwarts. For this reason, Hogwarts has a different place for us. For example, a movie or TV show could be made, forgetting Hogwarts and everyone in it and telling its history. For instance, we could meet Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin on this occasion. As a story, we could focus on Salazar Slytherin’s objection after the establishment of the school, his having the Chamber of Secrets built, the fight, and the education of the first students. Since it is a very open-ended subject, they could draw the story to the points they wanted and create the necessary tension and drama.

Another Wizarding School

As I said above, we only saw the Hogwarts corridors. But in the fourth book, we had the chance to meet the students of other schools. I wonder if another character’s story can be told in another school now? After all, there are 8 wizarding schools worldwide, including Hogwarts.

Beauxbatons (France), Castelobruxo (Brazil), Durmstrang (Northern Europe), Ilvermorny (North-East America), Mahoutokor (Japan), Uagadou (Uganda), Koldovstoretz (Russia).

For example, we suggest that the story of Ilvermorny can be told since the Americans will make this movie or TV series. Or another country can buy the rights and tell the school’s story in its home country. Why not?

History of Preschool Wizards

The Harry Potter universe is a very, very old universe. We know this universe with its schools, but sorcerers are older than schools. As a matter of fact, couldn’t a series with a dark theme predominate on the question of what wizards were doing before schools and how they were educating their children? It could be a legends movie or series where questions such as who was there and who wasn’t and was there a war at that time can be answered. Yes, we love Harry very much, but the universe itself is fascinating. It would be wonderful to be able to see the world before everything.


Even though there was a spin-off movie of Fantastic Beasts, it was a very wrong choice if you ask me. Aside from the whole spin-off story above, the first spin-off work to be done should have been a story that was told just right before Harry Potter. Since we also love the wicked students, I think the next project should be the Marauders. Namely: the story of Remus Lupine, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and James Potter. Yes, even though we watch plenty of them in movies, it’s not enough. This quartet could have been made into a film or series, as their presence completely changed Harry’s destiny. In this way, we could watch the Potter family, the first wars, the birth of the Death Eaters, and the story that formed the basis of many different Harry Potter.

Valerii Ege Deshevykh
Ukrainian Creative Director | Motion Picture Writer | Horror Freak

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