I mentioned how vital Wandavision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series are. Phase 4 now consists of not only movies but also series. As far as I understand, preparations for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are being made before the movies start. Although the first two series did not lay essential foundations for the future, Loki made the beginning of the chaos that would change everything. So we both reached the solo Loki project that we wanted to watch for a long time and ignited the fuse of Phase 4 with this project.

Let’s briefly touch on the subject… The Avengers team had gone back in time to defeat Thanos and returned to the New York war, the first Avengers movie. They lost Loki on this dangerous journey to find the Tesseract. The series describes where Loki teleported using the Tesseract. Loki, who finds himself in the time-controlling TVA bureaucracy, becomes part of an interdimensional turmoil that he will encounter in the future.

Unlike the first two series, Loki paves the way for Phase 4 towards chaos. At the same time, Loki, who is more involved with his past Marvel lives than the others, is an impressive series, albeit short. The first thing we need to discuss before we delve into the interdimensional story of the series is that we’ve finally been able to dig deeper into Loki’s emotions. We see that the cunning god, whom we see softening over time, is breaking away from the Dark Side and turning into an emotional poncho. Although he is still playful, liar and double-playing, he is now moving toward quitting these “bad” habits. Especially when he met Sylvie, he managed to bring out all the good in him.

We were waiting for who will be the next villain of Marvel after Thanos. Loki gave us a nice preview of the future with the final episode. In the first episodes, we watched Loki try to break free from TVA’s fake world. But as the episodes progressed, we learned that TVA is not what it seems and a new truth that will shake the foundations of the Marvel universe. Especially with the final episode, we have officially learned that we will witness a colossal war between parallel universes in Phase 4 and that it was Kang the Conqueror who lit the fire of this war, thanks to Sylvie. Our next villain will be a maniac taking over the universes. A psychotic nutcase who doesn’t care about order and the future like Thanos, who wants to destroy everything.

I can’t say that 6 of the 6 episodes of the series are enjoyable. Especially the episode where Loki and Sylvie try to get rid of the planet. Although it was important because it brought out Loki’s emotional side, it was a dull episode. The series generally has an intriguing and enjoyable structure that preserves its mystery until the end. With Loki variations, Sylvie’s character, TVA presence, Loki’s volatile mood, parallel universes, and more, Loki is an eccentric journey. It is an adventure that will definitely not upset the audience.

Bottom line… Loki ignited the chaos we’ll be watching throughout Phase 4, I guess. Since I don’t know Marvel graphic novels, I’m guessing from what I’ve watched and read. As far as I understand, the doors of the 3 series we watched and the following movies and TV series open to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. We are on our way to a gigantic inter-universe war, where the “universe” we call the Marvel universe will be worth exactly its name. Loki and Sylvie will also be the torchbearers of this war.

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