The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, released after Wandavision, is the second project of Phase 4. Although Marvel’s TV series did not affect the story much until 2021, we now need to follow movies and TV series

simultaneously. Because the serials are -also- laying the foundation of the mess, we will watch in the future. A lot is changing. The characters take distinctive paths. Wanda took the first step of the crazy mess, especially with the finale. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier also changed the dictionary slightly and introduced us to the new Captain America.

Let’s briefly touch on the subject… The city is filled with super-powered soldiers trained by a secret organization. With the departure of Captain America, the government wants to give the title to someone new and fresh for fighting. The chosen one will frighten enemies and drive them away with the power of its name. John Walker, gets the chance to clash with these super-powered soldiers. But John is an ordinary soldier. New Cap has no features other than the honor of carrying the predecessor shield. For this reason, it is left to Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, who are experiencing personal crises, to solve the rising problem.

Title changes frequently happen in the Marvel universe, namely in the comics. For example, Captain Marvel is not the leading name of the character but the costume name, it is a title that she received later. With Steve Rogers gone, the title of Captain America must be given to someone. Because the title of Captain America is essential for the future, it must be protected. It is a title that strong America should keep alive. Let’s face it, it is a matter of debate to whom this title will be given. The series clearly gave the title to Sam Wilson, just like Steve Rogers wanted. According to many, this title should have been given to Bucky, but with his stable stance and leadership qualities, Sam Wilson was the best candidate on the Avengers team.

One of the most favorite topics of recent years is the death of the majority for the future. Many people have to die or be isolated for things to get better. Thanos, Ozymandias, and August Walker supported this view and did everything to make it happen. But in the end, the good always won, except for Ozymandias. Although Karli, played by Erin Kellyman, is someone who acts with this thought, she is blocked by America in the final. You know, America always wins.

Although the biggest winner of the series seems to be Sam Wilson, I think Erin Kellyman is. The actress, which we will see much more of in the future, is the best point of the series. But of course, if we look from a broader perspective, Anthony Mackie is already among the biggest winners of 2021 with his newly released films and the Cap title he has achieved. As someone who doesn’t like populist rhetoric, I think the character of Sam Wilson deserves the success and title he has achieved.

To sum it up… The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is not a great series, but it is a fun show designed for a title change. The show, which strongly displays that power must be in the right hands even if you are on the side of justice and bona fide, once again made us understand unequivocally why Steve Rogers is the right leader. The scene where John Walker stood stunned with his bloodstained shield was the most important frame of the series, but it was also the scene that best explained what the series wanted to tell.

Although it is not as colorful, goodish, and entertaining as Wandavision, we can say that it is a delicate transition story. A Phase 4 show is not bad with its pleasant actions, boring story, and messages that point to the right spots. As I said in my Wandavision article, if you are interested in the Marvel universe, it will be a series you have to watch anyway.

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