The trailer of first Suicide Squad hyped everyone when it first came out, and although DC didn’t release any movies that year, it was one of the winners that year. However; movie couldn’t gave me the joy it had in its trailer. Not only couldn’t gave me the hype i was looking for also now it’s written in my brain as a bad movie. That’s why I didn’t have any hope for the second movie. I went to the cinema without even watching the trailer, just with the task that I had to watch it. Let me first say what I will say in the article: The second movie is definitely much, much better than the first.

Let’s briefly touch on the subject… Amanda Waller wants to prevent a secret project on the island of Corto-Maltese with her new team. The content of the project is unclear; therefore, the team must identify and eliminate the problem. But fighting with one main villian is not the same as fighting with a whole country. The team must complete the mission by bypassing the security of an entire country and plunging into a super-protected base. So this time, the Suicide Squad comes up with a mission that will do justice to its name.

Although the first movie was an enjoyable movie in terms of character introduction, it was a complete fiasco with the course of its story and especially with the finale. On the other hand, the second movie definitely does some things right. First of all, what it does best is that it manages to remain logical in itself and therefore does not go bullshit. Nothing happened in the movie where I would say “why did this happen” or “that’s ridiculous”, at least for me. Everything quiete logical in “its own universe” and, accordingly, quite funny.

The action scenes are also much better than the first movie. Harley’s solo performance and the scene where the team stormed rebels camp was fantastic. You can see James Gunn’s gory humor approach with these two sequences. Although not as much as the police station raid in her solo movie, Harley’s one-person Matrix-like scenes were really good. The quality of the action was already evident at the beginning of the movie. The movie reassures how daring and absurd it will be with its beach landing sequence.

Another feature that distinguishes the second film from the first, I think, is the addition of a political and ethical perspective to the story. Peacemaker’s stance protecting America at all costs reminded me of Comedian from Watchmen. The fact that every problem can be sacrificed for the “good” of America, or as they say, “great good”, appears in this movie as an action and a thriller. Likewise, I still can’t get out of my head Staryo’s sentence “I was happy in space”. Humans can infest other habitats as they pleases when they has the opportunity. Even though it is an absurd universe and even it is expressed in 2 sentences in the movie, i liked the fact that they showed us reality of humankind.

To sum it up… The Suicide Squad tells the story of our team, who went on a mission like suicide, with a very logical and enjoyable action in itself. No matter how much I didn’t like the interlude textes, the movie progresses smoothly from start to finish and never breaks off, doesn’t get silly, it does justice to the absurdity of its universe and closes the subject by adding some political messages. Although I was not very hopeful, I left the cinema pleasantly; I’m sure you can leave too.


Valerii Ege Deshevykh
Ukrainian Creative Director | Motion Picture Writer | Horror Freak

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