Marvel has started to lay the foundations of its new phase by finishing Phase 3 with Avengers: Endgame. We see that all the series and movies that Marvel will release from now on will be connected with each other. In other words, it will not be enough for you to just watch movies anymore; TV series will also be a part of Phase 4. And we understand that the series we watch and will watch exists to lay the foundation for the upcoming chaos. Wandavision was the first step of Phase 4. Except for the finale, I think it was a pretty good start.

Let’s briefly touch on the subject… Wanda creates a fake universe isolated to herself with the pain of her lost love Vision in Infinity War. Wanda and Vision live happily ever after in a universe where everything looks like a television show. That is until an outside intervention comes into Wanda’s created universe.

Although the series describes the aftermath of Endgame, it does not actually lay a foundation for the beginning of Phase 4. Like the isolated universe Wanda created in the series, the series also tells a relatively isolated story. They must have thought that Wanda was not featured enough in the movies, so they wanted to give Elizabeth Olsen more screen time, which I am happy about because I felt that Wanda’s power was not reflected well enough in Marvel’s Marathon. Throughout the franchise, we see how strong Wanda actually is and that the limit of her strength is only at her own will.

The series is alluring, especially with its art direction, which handles a different year in each episode and transitions from black and white to color in a funny and somewhat mysterious way. The fact that they use each period’s comedy with the era’s shooting techniques helps to watch the series with pleasure, especially in the first episodes. Since we’ve never approached Wanda and Vision’s love in such detail before, the little bickering humorous between them also sounds pleasant. The way this comedy mysteriously deteriorates over time is also well-handled. But the way to the final is erratic and ends far from sufficient.

I’ve always disliked stories where the main villain is revealed at the last minute and comes from nowhere. After watching many episodes, saying, “haha, here is your evil guy,” seems a little cut corner. It’s okay that the villain is insufficient, but a pity that the finale doesn’t match the mystery and energy created throughout the series. Everything went well until the last episode, but unfortunately, the series lost me while untying the knot. Despite this, Wandavision is definitely a show to watch. If you are already interested in the Marvel universe, you should watch the series whether you want it or not.

To sum it up… Wandavision, after all, offers an enjoyable journey through the history of television. The series does justice to its design with its color theme as the episodes progress. Although it does not add much to the Marvel universe, except for the finale, it is a jovial and garish project in itself. If you think Wanda doesn’t get enough attention like me, you can watch it to get enough of Elizabeth Olsen, who has been in the background for 10 years.

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